Your Sustainability Compass

The following text is an excerpt of a booklet about the Sustainability Compass mobile app.

Every day we take decisions which impact nature and human beings and their society. We decide on small and big purchases, holiday plans, business projects, plans with friends, the family or at school.

And we want to make sure that our impact is not negative for men and nature. We want to protect what nourishes us and allows us to exist.

The Sustainability Compass doesn’t take away the decision-making from you. It helps you to think of and investigate smarter action.

12 criteria

This is how you could proceed and build a Sustainability Compass for a project: When preparing a decision, you study the twelve criteria of the Sustainability Compass. While reading and discussing them with friends, family, colleagues you will find out the four most important criteria you’d like to meet with your project. You plan your action based on these four criteria you want to respect. This is your Sustainability Compass (like the “real” compass with its four directions).

But your work isn’t done yet. For every criterion there is a check list with questions which guide you into researching what the smart action would look like. This check list might create further questions and it might make you dive into more information. It will be an exciting journey to make you think smarter and act smarter. Get informed and involve other people!

You are the driver no. 1

What attitude is needed to get the best out of the Sustainability Compass:

· You are the champion — you build your Compass

· There must be a decision which is important and creates impact

· You are curious and willing to find valuable information — and you want to discuss it

· You are creative and never get tired finding out the options and the potential of your actions

· You are courageous and you act smarter.

After the description of the criterion you find an empty page which allows you to write notes or ideas.

In case you’d like to make others aware of the Sustainability Compass download the pdf. from the website:

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